We have released an automated patch/update v2.2.20 for the WHMSonic software. Your software probably has already updated and you should see v2.2.20 on your WHMSonic root main page under the "Update & Version". If not, click on "Update Now" button.
Changes List:
  • The latest shoutcast v2 - v2.5.5 (Build 733) has been added to WHMSonic. 
    To Upgrade your all radios shoutcast, you need to login to your WHMSonic root >> Click Shoutcast v2 Upgrade link from the left menu and then click the update button. You need to restart your all radios to apply the upgrade. You can use WHMSonic root stop/start all radios function after you make the update, it is on your WHMSonic root >> left menu >> multiple control.

  • The shoutcast v2 upgrade system has changed. From now on, we will release the latest shoutcast updates from WHMSonic update servers and you will be able to update your shoutcast v2 with a single click on WHMSonic root >> Shoutcast v2 Upgrade page. The new system allows us to update shoutcast v2 version without releasing an update to WHMSonic. This will speed up the shoutcast updates, we will be able to release it quickly once a new version is released from shoutcast company.

  • AutoDJ is Updated! , less resource usage, better performance, better sound quality, more stable.
    >>> To apply the AutoDJ upgrade and below AutoDJ fixes, you need to RESTART your all AutoDJs !

  • AutoDJ, DJ Connection, Song Title Update problem is fixed.
  • DJ Manager password or account lost issue fixed
  • AutoDJ list and manage page not showing the list or stucking issue fixed.
  • AutoDJ Start/Stop issues are fixed.
  • Resellers not enough bandwidth error bug fixed. 
  • Resellers not enough bitrate error bug fixed.
  • Creation/Termination of external radio or external reseller account was causing Apache to fail on some servers and was causing DBMap issues. These accounts are now properly removed during the termination and will not cause any issue.
  • Removed/Terminated sc_user accounts were listed in WHM root >> List Accounts, from now on removed sc_user accounts will not show up in the WHM root >> List Accounts.
  • WHMSonic root >> List Manage Radios and cPanel side WHMSonic Main page used hosting space bug is fixed. It is proper and precise now.
  • Restart all radios after server reboots function was not working due to bug, it is now fully fixed.
    >> You need to login to WHMSonic root >> Click WHMSonic Settings from the left menu and then disable restart radios after server reboot option. After that click on save button and then re-enable the option and click save again.

  • WHMSonic is ready for cPanel upcoming v71 and v72 now.
  • CloudLinux compatibilty updated.
ATTENTION CloudLinux Server Owners:
>> After WHMSonic v2.2.20 update, you need to RESTART your vps or dedicated server completely to apply WHMSonic update. Otherwise, cPanel side WHMSonic panel will show the user radio as OFF as well as AutoDJ. The start/stop functions will not work from cPanel side WHMSonic until you reboot/restart your server completely. This is for CloudLinux system servers only, if your server is not CloudLinux, you dont need to restart.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

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